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LINK KnockBlock G4+
  • LINK KnockBlock G4+

LINK KnockBlock G4+

LINK 105-1000

KnockBlock G4+

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KnockBlock G4+

  • Listen to one or two knock sensors
  • Special filtering design improves signal to noise ratio
  • Can be used with ear buds, ear phones and noise cancelling ear muffs
  • Long life lithium rechargeable battery
  • Rugged CNC aluminium enclosure
  • Flying lead headphones connector
  • Can be used with all OEM knock sensors
  • Can be used to interface directly to a laptop for recording of engine noise or knock sensor frequency analysis (using PCLink G4+)


  • Install the knock sensor/s in a suitable location on the engine (typically on a solid mounting point on the block near the cylinder head)
  • If only using one sensor, leave the unused sensor cable disconnected
  • Turn the volume control clockwise until it clicks. The LED indicator will turn blue when the KnockBlock is operating
  • Turn the volume to the minimum setting (most anti-clockwise)
  • Connect headphones to the 3.5mm audio jack
  • Run the engine and carefully increase the volume (clockwise) until engine mechanical noise can be heard. Adjust to a comfortable listening volume


KnockBlock G4+

  • Turn off the KnockBlock by turning the volume control anti-clockwise until it clicks
  • Connect the USB charging cable to the KnockBlock’s Mini USB connector. Can be charged from any standard USB charger PC, laptop, car or cell phone charger (2.1A at 5V max)
  • The LED indicator will show red while charging. When the indicator turns off the battery is fully charged
  • Charge the G4+ KnockBlock after use and before storage

What’s in the Box?

  • G4+ KnockBlock
  1. 2 sensor looms (attached)
  2. 1 headphone loom (attached)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 USB cable mini
  • 2 Bosch type doughnut OEM knock sensors
  • 2 small Link Engine Management stickers
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LINK 105-1000
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